• Mock Scrap System -- As Seen on TV!

Scrape MakersProven to Attract Mature Whitetails

The Powder of Attraction™

As Seen on TV

  • Hot Doe Estrus and Dominant Buck Scrape Maker
  • Attract, Scout and Retain
  • Proven To Attract Mature Whitetails

Use the Hot Doe Estrus and Dominant Buck to make mock scrapes, place scent down wind from your stand location and use as a cover scent.

The Wind Pro will help attract, retain and scout deer in your area. This is the most simple, unique and effective way to attract game to your area and we have the footage to back up that claim!

Why is this attractant different?

  • Proven To Attract Mature Whitetails
  • The scent is infused into the powder on a molecular level with a natural occurring mineral
  • The delivery system- when the powder is dispensed it keeps the distribution of attractant scent to a minimum to peak deer interest and retention
  • No messy liquids
  • Clip and carry convenience
  • Lasts all season long
  • Simple to make scrape on your way to or leaving your stand
  • Place scent down wind or use as cover scent

New Smoking Wind Indicator

The Wind Pro™ is without a doubt the industry’s best wind direction indicator and a must have for your arsenal! Now available with a new improved smoking powder, a much lighter version of the original. The product has the ability to precisely dispense the correct amount of wind powder for your situation. Just a tap on the side will give you a light smoke that will drift with the slightest air currents and thermals or you can lightly squeeze to let more powder out when the wind is stronger. Easily clips to binocular or belt loop to instantly check wind direction and thermals. No more digging through pockets when an animal is in close proximity

Even when utilizing the most comprehensive human scent control technology you still must Play The Wind®!

  • New Smoking Powder detects even the slightest thermal drafts
  • Soft rubber won’t harden, stays pliable in cold weather
  • Clip to Binocular or belt loop for instant access
  • Tap or lightly squeeze for varying winds
  • A must have in your arsenal


Directions for Use

Apply a few puffs of powder in a scrape making sure to add a puff or two on the licking branch.

How to Make A Scrape

Look for funnel areas and travel corridors leading to feeding areas. Being careful not to leave any human scent in the area scrape down an area using rubber boots or a stick about 2-3 feet wide down to bare earth, clearing leaves and debris away. This will provide a visual cue as well as a scent cue for the deer. It is essential to have overhanging branches (Licking Branches) as the deer will use these to rub their head, nose and antlers to stimulate glands. Deer produce scents from their glands located on their head, legs and hooves. Deer lick these branches to leave scent and attain scent left by other deer. Using the Hot Doe Estrus or Dominant Buck, Place a few puffs of powder on scrape and a puff on licking branches. The best time to make these scrapes is mid October to late November depending on where you hunt. You want to have these in place during the pre rut phase so the deer will keep coming back to freshen the scrape and to find out who has been there!

A Scrape is a critical factor for deer to communicate with each other. Whitetail deer can precisely identify sex, age, social status and the approximate time a doe will come into estrus by visiting these scrapes. Scrape activity is mainly at night but daylight visits pick up dramatically during the pre and post rut.

  • Attract, Scout and Retain Deer In Your Area
  • Maximum effectiveness for use in scrapes
  • Calming effect when dispensed down wind
  • Keeps scent distribution to a minimum to peak deer interest and retention
  • Reactivated by moisture
  • Synthetic Powder will not break down or expire, no shelf life, no need for refrigeration
  • Ideal for use on Decoys
  • Simple to use, eliminates the need for messy liquids
  • Caribiner attaches easily to packs, belt loops and binoculars
  • The patented rubberized material will not harden or clog in cold weather

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