Wind Pro : Synthetic Deer Attractant

Scrape MakersProven to Attract Mature Whitetails

Wind Pro : The Powder of Attraction!

  • Hot Doe Estrus and Dominant Buck Scrape Maker
  • Attract, Scout and Retain
  • Proven To Attract Mature Whitetails
  • Each Bottle makes 10-20 Mock Scrapes
  • You can use the dominant buck all year long

Use the Hot Doe Estrus and Dominant Buck to make scrapes, place scent downwind from your stand location, and use as a cover scent.

The Wind Pro Mock Scrape System will help attract, scout and retain deer. This is the most simple, unique and effective way to attract game to your area and we have the footage to back up that claim!

Why is this attractant different?

  • The scent is infused into the powder on a molecular level with a natural occurring mineral
  • The delivery system—when the powder is dispensed it keeps the distribution of attractant scent to a minimum to peak deer interest and retention
  • No messy liquids
  • Clip and carry convenience
  • Lasts all season long
  • Simple to make scrape on your way to or leaving your stand
  • Place scent down wind or use as cover scent


Over the past couple seasons we have realized one thing: whitetail deer can’t resist vertically hanging limbs when it comes to scrapes.  Now you can make the perfect mock scrape anywhere!